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Since the first time we met the Arrieta sisters –it was summer of 2009- we felt really attracted by their story: two sisters that, in spite of being seriously limited by their phyisical conditions, were determined to be able to communicate. And they did it. They created and developed a whole communication system using one part of their body that was totally alright: their eyes.

Afterwards ca∫me the time to know them, to observe their daily lives. And we were surprised that despite their communicative invention, the people around them preferred to communicate with them through other systems. They almost ignore the method. But we think this made the story ‘more epic’ and at the same time made stronger the bond that united the two sisters. They were, the creators and the only two speakers of the method in worldwide.

The strength of communication. Its ability to transform everything, if only is valid for two speakers. That is the main, the source idea of “Arrieta Method” (the documentary)